Writing essay or applying skills to US university from IELTS Speaking test

Tell the story of your best accomplishment, your dream or your difficulty with an impressive opening, detailed context, and compelling bottlenecks.

Impressive opening

To help the admissions committee not take your eyes off the essay, open the essay with some impressive scene or action. If you started with "One day, I decided to watch TV", the reader will not care about the following paragraph. Maybe after watching TV, you are about to do a meaningful action but the reader is no longer interested in opening the boring article. Conversely, if the opening is "The moment I have trouble is when I think my life will change", your article is more intriguing, more attractive to readers.

Detailed background

"In mid-May 2011, I was the father of one child, busy consulting with McKinsey office in Chicago, a happy young man aged 25" - this is considered an impressive opening thanks to the detailed context. Context (people, time, place) is important because readers want to understand the context of the story. It helps them get closer to the problem you're talking about.

Introducing the knot

What attracts readers the most is the bottleneck of the story. A bottleneck is a situation that makes readers realize the difficulties of the protagonist, the risks that the protagonist faces. If the character has nothing to lose, the reader will not care about the next story.

You don't have to put up a big deal to make the story appealing, but you need to have a knot like a public health, work or emerging community issue worth arguing.

Describe obstacles and strengths of the main character

"If only difficulties could disappear quickly, I could only think of that for a few days. I didn't even tell my wife. But I realized knowledge was power and made an appointment with a doctor. I was diagnosed with cancer in the week "- With this passage, the reader is interested in two factors: the obstacle (cancer) and the character (the main character's personality).

By this point, readers will know that you are the main character - the father, the counselor ... who is also a responsible person (see a doctor).

You don't have to show a positive personality, many essays require you to describe times of difficulty or failure. With those articles, you need to show a bad personality but over time you have changed positively.

Essay plays an important role in the US student profile, a good essay will increase the value of scholarships.

Tips for getting high score for the IELTS Speaking test
Practice in the English environment is an important factor to help you improve your IELTS Speaking test.

Speaking in IELTS is unlike other skills that you just need to study hard and prepare for yourself to get good grades. This test requires candidates to be able to use spoken language, clear and coherent English expressions, and standard pronunciation to judge the problem you want to convey.

The Speaking test is based on four basic criteria: Fluency & coherence (fluency, coherence); Lexical resource (vocabulary); grammatical range & accuracy (grammar) and Pronunciation (pronunciation). Accordingly, you need to thoroughly practice these skills to get a high score in the criteria.

Some skills you can study on your own still get good marks like vocabulary and grammar. Particularly with fluency, coherence and pronunciation, in addition to voluntarily reviewing, practicing, recording lessons to learn from experience, improve voice, pronunciation ... you need to participate in a Professional English environment to practice and interact.

According to experts at iStar English Center, to get good results in IELTS Speaking, candidates must have careful preparation step by step and each different tactics to impress the examiner about their test. .

Useful when practicing IELTS Speaking in iStar English

- Before taking the course, students will be tested for free Speaking with native teachers specializing in IELTS. With each level, the needs of students, professional teams and teachers will build a detailed and most appropriate learning roadmap to achieve students' goals and desires.

- You will be practicing the tactics towards the 3 most important factors to determine the IELTS Speaking score: the confident manner - understanding and mastering the knowledge you have learned - presenting the natural test. .

- Accumulate rich vocabulary in many topics, learn good sentence patterns to apply to the test.

- IELTS Speaking consists of 3 parts (Part 1, 2, 3), with each part will have different ways of answering. Therefore, professional teachers will follow students closely to ensure each skill goes up according to the set roadmap.

- Each student will not only learn Speaking with native teachers, but will also receive materials close to the exam so that he can study at home.

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