Complete guide to applying for a Canadian student visa 2020

Applying for a Canadian Student Visa 2020 is the key to the dream of studying in Canada. You already know how long it takes to apply for a Canadian Student Visa? Is the procedure for applying for a Canadian Student Visa difficult? Files, papers include what?

With the experience of studying abroad for many years. We would like to share with you all visa issues to be able to fulfill your dream of studying in Canada 2020.

Canadian student visa
Apply for a Canadian Student Visa 2020
1, How long does it take for a student visa to study in Canada 2020?
No one can answer the question "How long does it take for a Canadian student visa?". How long it takes to apply for a Canadian student visa depends on a lot of factors which we will talk about shortly.

Normally, the minimum time to prepare an application for a Canadian student visa is from the time of receipt, application, translation, medical examination and Visa issuance in the average hand takes about 6 months. .

Why does applying for a Canadian student visa 2020 take so long?
The preparation of documents is very important, so you must be very careful "Slow but sure" offline.

Application period => receiving an invitation => including all necessary documents => translation, notarization of documents ... It takes time for this about 3 months.

How long does it take for a student visa to Canada?
How long does a Canadian student visa take?
How long does it take to process a Canadian student visa 2020?
For SDS Visa, the average review time ranges from 1 week to 4 weeks.
Particularly for the time to consider Visa under financial proof. The average visa processing time is from 1 week to a maximum of 60 days.
Simplify the Canadian student visa process under the SDS program. Help speed up application processing faster and simpler.

Note: How long it takes to get a student visa to Canada depends on many factors such as

If your profile is complete and clear. Then the consular profile will be more convenient.
If you have applied for a visa in other countries. Then the visa will be easier and faster.
If your paperwork is small, the translation will be faster
The number of applications submitted to the Canadian consulate at that time
So how long does it take for you to apply for a Canadian student visa? However, we encourage you to apply early, to prepare a complete and complete set of documents. Having an early visa, you have time to prepare for accommodation, air tickets, and necessary items before flying to Canada to enroll.

So how long does it take for you to apply for a Canadian student visa? However, we encourage you to apply early. That helps you prepare a complete and complete profile.

Getting an early visa gives you time to prepare accommodation, buy cheap airline tickets, prepare necessary equipment before coming to Canada to study.

2, Is it difficult to apply for a Canada 2020 student visa?
Applying for a student visa to Canada is difficult or easy depending on many factors. It is neither easy nor hard. It is important that you meet the Canadian Consulate documentary requirements.

It is difficult to get a student visa of Canada 2020 regardless of the level of meeting the Consulate's requirements.

Are conditions for applying for a student visa to Canada difficult?
Your application also determines whether it is easy or difficult to apply for a Canadian student visa
Is the Canadian student visa application difficult?
is it difficult to get a student visa to Canada?
Is it difficult to apply for a Canadian student visa?
Are conditions for applying for a Canadian student visa 2020 difficult?
Health condition
Because the winter in Canada is quite harsh, it is very different from the climate in Vietnam. International students should be in good health to adapt to this change in weather.

Large numbers of international students study in Canada each year. The requirement for a health examination for studying in Canada is indispensable. To ensure a healthy and adaptable community here.

Students will be given health check such as: Blood test, X-ray of Tuberculosis ... to ensure that you have enough health to study in Canada.

The government requires you to have a medical examination at a designated number of centers. You must be guaranteed health before arriving in Canada.

Conditions of study
The Government of Canada attaches great importance to the quality of education. It is recommended that international students come to Canada to be fairly qualified. To be able to keep up the curriculum. The review of your education records will be considered very hard and difficult

You must be accepted to study at an accredited school in Canada.
Degrees and transcripts of the curriculum in Vietnam: High scores are an advantage. The consulate will review your academic transcript and academic record to determine whether you are qualified to study in Canada
If the learning process is not continuous. You must provide a detailed explanation of the reason for the interruption
Conditions of English
English is the main language spoken in Canada. English is not just used to serve throughout the learning process. But also in the process of your communication with people in Canada.

English conditions based on the level of study you want to study abroad:

High school level: no English proficiency required.
College: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT 71 or above.
University: IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL iBT 79 or above.
Post-graduate: IELTS 6.7 or TOEFL iBT 90 or above.
You should prepare English very well because it is very beneficial to you. It is also a plus point for visa issuance.

If your level of English is not good, do not worry. You will be trained in English program before entering the main course.

Financial conditions
You must ensure that you have sufficient financial resources during your study in Canada. You must prove your purpose of studying abroad is to study.

Proof of assets: You must have the guaranteed assets for the applicant's education in Canada
Proof of sufficient cash resources to pay for tuition and other expenses: A passbook is a required procedure. Normally, savings books must be enough to pay for at least 1 year. Total cost and tuition of Visa applicants
Proof of income source: Statement of income account for the last 6 months. Payroll statements, employment contracts, business licenses and tax receipts are always required. You must prove the source of your earnings each month. Enough to pay for your personal life and sponsor your student studying abroad in Canada.
Meet the requirements for your specific visa:

Apply for a student visa under the category of financial proof
Applying for an SDS student visa does not prove financial
>> Read more: Details of conditions for studying in Canada

Financial proof is a fairly difficult requirement for Canadian student records. Because the requirements of this section must be clear and transparent. While family revenues in Vietnam are not always fully declared and paid. So you should consider if you do your own student visa to Canada to avoid unfortunate circumstances occur.
Do not choose to study while working or looking for a part-time job. That will make the Consulate official doubt that you are going to study abroad. Will greatly affect the issuance of visas
Now you know the conditions for applying for a Canadian student visa are difficult or not. And you know what you need to prepare to get the highest visa

Your profile determines whether it is easy or difficult to apply for a Canadian student visa
Based on the conditions for applying for a student visa above. You can prepare yourself a complete set of documents.

Check all records multiple times to make sure there are no missing papers. Lack of records during the review process can take additional time. Or worse, you could miss the visa.

Your visa application must be absolutely accurate without any false information. If you give false information that is discovered, the probability of being denied a visa immediately is very high

Early document preparation for academic records, as well as financial records. It will be the most thorough and wise preparation to hold Visa firmly.

Is the process for applying for a Canadian student visa 2020 difficult?
If you have properly prepared and met the documents to meet the above visa requirements, the procedure for applying for a Canadian student visa is not difficult.

Join us for details of the steps and notes in the visa application process

3, The latest Canadian student visa application procedure 2020
If you are sure of the following steps to apply for a student visa, it is not too difficult and does not take much time.

Step 1: Prepare documents and fees for a Canada 2020 Student Visa
Required documents:

- Application for a Canadian student visa. You can go to the website: to download the student visa application package and must fill in the information completely.

- The original passport must have at least 1 blank page. The validity must be at least 6 months from the expected date of entry into Canada

- 2 passport photos within 6 months (4 × 6 cm)

- Letter of admission of the school registered in Canada

- Canadian student visa application fee 2020 (non-refundable): 125 USD + 15 USD (administrative fee of the Canadian Visa Application Center - IOM).

- Applicant's civil status documents: household registration, birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce decision.

- Write a letter explaining the reasons for choosing a school, field of study, duration of study, achievements as well as plans and plans of students after completing their study in Canada and returning to Vietnam.

- Transcript and all diplomas and certificates of merit for academic achievement.

- Health certificate not exceeding 6 months.

- Proof of financial capacity of the sponsor: Certificate of deposit in the bank / savings book in the last 1 year. Proof of employment, stating the salary. (If the business owner must have business registration certificate, tax receipts in the past 2 years). If there is a scholarship, specify the type of scholarship, the amount of funding, and the conditions for obtaining the scholarship;

Applicants under 18 years of age without a parent or legal guardian accompany. A notarized guardianship letter is required to be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Applicants 18 years of age or older must have a criminal record issued by the Department of Justice of a province / city.

If the sponsor in Canada must have the following documents:

- Letter of guarantee stating financial responsibility, bank deposits, copies of income tax returns within the past 2 years, letter of employment confirmation.

- Copy of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident card, proof of relationship with the applicant.

If you want to study in Quebec, you will need an Admission Certificate issued by Quebec government.

The applicant's school in Canada will forward the required documents to the applicant or notify the applicant that this certificate is exempt.

Step 2: Submit your application for a Canadian student visa 2020
When you have completed the above profile, you check and arrange records in sequence. Apply at the Canadian Immigration Visa Application Center - IOM at:

- Ho Chi Minh City to submit (PDD Building, 8th Floor, 162 Pasteur, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

- Canadian Immigration Visa Application Center - IOM in Hanoi (DMC Building, 7th floor, 535 Kim Ma, Dong Da District, Hanoi).

Note: this package must be submitted at least 12 weeks before the course starts.

Step 3: Interview for a Canadian student visa 2020
Currently, the Canadian Embassy and Consulate has canceled interview requests for Vietnamese students. Because the Consulate has up to 3 months to review your application.

However, in some cases, international students will be required to visit an Embassy in Ho Chi Minh City for an interview to clarify some questions about the application.

When you receive the invitation to interview, you must register to choose the date and time for the interview before the deadline.

Canadian student visa interview

Interview experience for a Canadian student visa 2020 2020:
- Should dress seriously, respectful attitude, calm, confident, proper in the interview process. It is necessary to bring the originals of the papers submitted to the Consulate General of Canada or other additional documents (if any).

- The consular officer will ask if you want to interview in English or Vietnamese. Ideally, you should interview in English. Because before going to Canada, you had time to invest in your communicative English program.

- When answering questions, you should avoid telling your family story to consular staff. Consular staff are very busy and must interview many people in a day. They don't want to hear you tell a long story for a short question. Stick to the problem and answer straight to the question.

- Sometimes, you will be asked a question just answer "Yes" or "No". At that time, you should answer briefly, but aim at the consular staff's thoughts and satisfy their concerns. Of course, if you encounter a question that requires an explanation, you can explain it to them, but get straight to the point.

- Submit official and authenticated documents. If there are errors, it means fraud and is also one of the reasons for visa refusal.

In some cases or from time to time, the volume of visa applications is high. Or the verification of the applicant's record takes longer than expected. This can lead to a visa review that can take longer than 3 months.

In those cases, you should contact the school to inform you of the status of your case. Please extend the enrollment period (if the visa result is predicted, it may be delayed by the notification date).

Also contact the Canadian Consulate by email. Ask about the status of your case so the officer will consider and respond to the outcome of your case.

The application for a Canadian student visa 2020 is reviewed and carefully considered by the official before giving results. It is best to apply for a visa as soon as possible before the 3-month deadline.

This will help you prepare the necessary documents. Proactively prepare luggage time after receiving a visa to study in Canada.

Different sets of documents will require different documents for each case. Please contact Edutime study abroad for instructions on your profile details.

4, Experience in applying for a Canadian student visa successfully in 2020
You should develop a science learning plan
Study plans are the most important part of your visa application. And more important throughout your learning process. Develop a study plan that you need to identify:

- Why did you choose to study in Canada? What school and field of study do you determine your destination and your pursuit during your studies? Why did you choose it and have it fit your strengths?

- Clearly define your career development goals in the next 5 years? What will you get and what will you do after the course?

- What have you and your family prepared to implement that plan?

Preparing a student visa application for Canada 2020 is perfect
The visa application is considered perfect when it satisfies all Consular requirements. Records must be very clear, then your application will be reviewed quickly

Your profile is perfect and clear. Then surely you will be granted a visa immediately without an interview.

Therefore, in order to apply for a successful and fastest Canadian student visa, you should prepare a perfect profile!

5, Frequently asked questions when applying for a Canadian student visa 2020
Do I need an interview for a Canadian Student Visa 2020 2020?
At the time of applying for a current Visa, the Consulate does not require an interview.

However, students must be sure of their course information. As well as the costs incurred for the course.

For if there is an interview to study in Canada. Then you are also ready to answer most smoothly about the course in Canada

Will a student visa for Canada 2020 need proof of financial status?
Studying in Canada for secondary and post-secondary programs (for students who do not have IELTS). It is required to supplement the whole dossier proving the financial capacity of the guarantor, including:

Labor contract, job confirmation, business license, tax receipt
The valuable property
Guarantee commitment letter
The addition of this entire financial record is intended to assess the guarantor's ability to pay for Canadian students during their studies in Canada.

Particularly for SDS Visa applicants for post-high school programs. If the applicant meets the IELTS 6.0 language proficiency requirements, none of the skills are below 6.0 and pay the required tuition fee of the school. There is absolutely no need to add documents to prove your financial capacity.

What is the percentage of Canadian Student Visa?
2018: Total Vietnamese students in Canada 20,330 ranked 5th among the countries with students studying here.

Canada student visa pass rate in 2018: 86%, equivalent to 8,092,000 visas issued. The average Canadian Visa processing time is 88 days.

It can be seen that: Applying for a Canadian Student Visa is not simple. Preparing a complete application package is the key to getting a Canadian Visa.

What cases are dropped on a Canadian student visa?
Applying for a Canadian visa does not have to reach a pass rate of 100%. There are also many reasons why you are denied a typical Canadian Visa such as:

The learning score is too low: The academic level is a very important point to show your academic ability in Vietnam and the ability to study in Canada, if the academic results are low, you are very likely to be denied a Visa. study in Canada.
The study plan is not clear: you must show the Consulate to see your study plan in detail and clearly, showing an understanding of the course you will be taking in Canada. If you do not submit a study plan or have no details of the plan, the chances of being denied a Visa are very high.
Weak financial capacity: If you are unable to prove the source of income, and financial ability of the applicant, the Consulate will refuse to grant a Canadian Student Visa immediately.
Declare fraud: Declare your application for Canada to be absolutely honest, you must not cheat on any details of the document such as: ever denied a visa in Canada or any country you have applied for. before.
Used to be illegal in Canada or other countries
Can I return the student visa to Canada?
Having been denied a Canadian visa does not affect the submission of a Canadian student visa at the present time.

However, you should carefully review the issue of denied Visa Canada last time. To overcome the disadvantages, it is feasible to return the Canadian student visa application in the 2nd time.

How long is the student visa for Canada?
The student visa for Canada is from 1 to 5 years, depending on the student's course of registration. Based on an overview of the set of documents including: Letter of invitation, confirmation of payment of the study abroad fee, health status, financial capacity, study plan…. The consulate will determine the length of your Canadian Visa.

Health exam study how Canada?
Canadian students are required to undergo a medical examination. You can choose to have a medical examination before you apply for a Canadian Student Visa or when you have a letter requesting a medical examination from the Canadian Consulate

Where to see Health Overseas Study Canada: Medical examinations for studying abroad in Canada must be conducted at designated Consulate centers. In the southern region, you can conduct an examination at the IOM center - Số 1B Phạm Ngọc Thạch, Bến Nghé, District 1.

Expenses for health examination in Canada: The health examination for Canada is 130 USD, equivalent to about 2,000,000 VND.

Items that require a health examination to study in Canada: Tuberculosis scan, X-ray, Blood test ...

6, A reputable Canadian study abroad center in Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh
Currently in Vietnam there are many overseas study centers. Choosing a reputable overseas study counseling center is a good first step for the process of making your study abroad in Canada easier.

Coming to Edutime Study Abroad Consulting Center, applying for a Canadian Student Visa will not be difficult.

If you need assistance with all information about the Canadian student visa process. Please contact Edutime Study Abroad for the most specific and enthusiastic advice.

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