Attention of 6 outstanding STEM training universities

Continuing the series on STEM industry. This time we introduce you to the outstanding schools of science and technology of Shorelight Education Group - the famous American Education Group globally.

Shorelight Education Group is currently affiliated with 20 universities in the US. These schools are characterized by good reputation, high quality training, professional, friendly but also creative and pioneering academic environment.

You can look for a good job holding the diploma of the following schools. Especially the STEM sector is being sought by many businesses.

1. Kansas University
Kansas State University currently has 280,000 students enrolled. This school is well-known for its scientific and technical research work with an excellent alumni network. Ranked # 250 best university in the world, # 129 best university in the US, # 80 on the best engineering training in the United States.

You can be assured of studying STEM at this school. Among them are aircraft design, engines and aerospace engineers, energy technology, and mathematics. Students of the school not only practice in 12 research facilities, 1 Institute of Biodiversity of the school but also have the opportunity of 40,000 internships thanks to close relationships with alumni. Hyundai CEO or former President of Colombia graduated from this university.

Statistics of 90% of students find a job after 6 months of graduation.

Tuition: $ 30,727 USD - Scholarship: $ 36,000 USD / 4 years

2. University of Pacific
A private school located right next to the famous Silicon Technology Valley. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Pacific University to invest in STEM training to provide the best manpower in the region. The school is ranked # 106 nationwide, especially # 45 in science and technology training.

Studying STEM at Pacific University has a 7-month paid internship program. On average, it will receive $ 3,500 USD / month, both cost savings and full experience. As a result, 98% of Pacific graduates have jobs immediately after graduation.

In general this is a private school but has good ranking, quality training, facilities invested with self-managed funds up to 4 million USD. Consider studying Engineering or Computer Science at Pacific.

Tuition: $ 48,247 USD - Scholarship: $ 80,000 USD / year

3. University of Central Florida
Add a public school in the top # 100 best universities in the US for you to study STEM. The strength of the University of Central Florida is its ability to create and invent patents recognized on par with MIT, Stanford ...

Today, the university is serving 67,500 students and 2,000 international students. With STEM industry, Central Florida is famous for Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Computer Science ... If you like Florida, want to study STEM and find internships, this school is right for you.

Internships are easy to find in Central Florida. Because the school is managing Central Florida Research Park, there are 120 companies, so the connection is close. Students will be facilitated hiccups at corporations such as Deloitte, Boeing, Disney or Siemens ...

Tuition: $ 22,500 USD - Scholarship: $ 5,000 USD / first year

4. Louisiana State University
Right from the name, it is enough to understand the quality of this university's training. Louisiana State University ranked # 140 nationwide, # 104 in engineering and # 9 in Petroleum Engineering. This school is unique and vast, so much so that there is an entire oil field on campus for research and practice.

In addition to oil, the Computer Science sector has also flourished. The university is directly affiliated with the IBM technology corporation so students are admitted here to practice. As a result, 89% of STEM students have jobs after only 6 months of graduation.

Some of the university's strong branches are: Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Computer Science and Chemical Engineering ...

Tuition: $ 28,500 USD - Scholarship: up to $ 10,000 / first year

5. Auburn University
University of famous alumni. Apple CEO Tim Cook is a former student from Auburn University. There are also Jimmy Wales - co-founder of Wikipedia and six NASA astronauts. Has it been enough to impress Auburn University yet?

Auburn University is a public school with 29,776 students enrolled. The school is ranked # 125 nationwide, # 46 top public school and # 59 in the Engineering sector. Especially in Albama State, the school ranked # 1 in terms of job placement after graduation.

You can choose to study these subjects at Auburn: Aerospace, Chemical, Industrial, Civil, Electrical. Accompanying are the internship programs at 200 businesses associated with the school: KIA, Yamaha, Daikin, General Electric ...

Tuition: $ 30,784 USD - Scholarship: $ 12,000 / first year

6. The University of Utah
There are currently 31,000 students enrolled with 100 majors. This is the next public university in the Shorelight system you can choose to study STEM. The school ranked # 1 in Video Game Design, # 58 in Engineering, # 60 in Computer Science.

Highlights: Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Video Game Design ...

Tuition: $ 30,727 USD - Scholarship: $ 12,000 / 4 years

We do not encourage all students going abroad to study abroad. But we need clear information to all parents, students of the STEM students' employment and employment opportunities in the US. Whether you can stay or go home is your own decision.

OPT in the US is the passport to work in the United States after graduation. OPT will be granted 1 year for all industries, particularly STEM block is extended for 2 more years to stay in the US to work.

The reason for this preferential policy is because the US Government is very interested and invested in its technology. They are ready to receive highly specialized engineers to work for them.

So the opportunity to receive OPT 3 years is a great advantage for you looking for work. Businesses also feel secure because the longer you stick with them, the easier the opportunity will be given.

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