Antigua - a small island nation with a 'golden passport' attracts rich people

An island nation (or island nation) is a country located on one or more islands, or parts of islands. This means that these countries do not have any territory on the continent. There are 47 islands, accounting for 24% of the 193 UN member states, many of which are the smallest in the world.

The island nations can be divided into two groups. A group of large, fairly populous countries and located near a continent. These countries include Japan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Cuba, England, Madagascar ... The largest island in the world is Indonesia. These countries often share similar cultural and political characteristics with nearby continental countries. The island status of these countries is sometimes an advantage because it makes them difficult to invade and has an important role in terms of trade in the region thanks to geographical factors and the ability of the sea to the population. Australia (Australia) can be considered as an island nation, although its main island is as big as a continent.

The second group of island nations are smaller countries such as Malta, Cyprus, Comoros, Bahamas, Tonga, etc.These countries are very small compared to the countries on the continent. Small scale often means that the agricultural land is limited and scarce with many natural resources. Today, however, small island nations are becoming attractive tourist destinations and tourism has become a key economic sector in their economy.

Some island nations have one or two central islands, for example the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Other island nations spread over hundreds and thousands of small islands like Indonesia or the Maldives. Several countries share a coup with other countries such as Ireland, Haiti and Dominica, Saint Martin, and Papua New Guinea.

Passport holders of this island nation are exempted from visas to over 150 countries around the world.
Where visitors stay in a Dutch restaurant, exit to Belgium
The 'gold' passport is possessed by the super rich

Antigua and Barbuda is an island nation located in the West Indies, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. With a territory of less than 450 km2, the country consists of two large islands, Antigua and Barbuda. Because of its long name, the island nation is often referred to as Antigua. Photo: Océans Evasion.

With a 153 km long coastline, the island nation has 365 different beaches. Antigua coup is known as one of the most beautiful resort paradise in the world. However, visitors can only go to a few free public beaches, the rest are beaches owned by hotels, resorts ... Photo: Viagens.

Like Malta, Antigua also has a "golden passport" that rich people desire to own. Antigua Passport ranked 27th in the 2018 Visa Index Table published by global residence and nationality consulting firm Henley & Partners. Passport holders of the island nation are exempted from visas to over 150 countries around the world, including the UK and Schengen countries, without the United States. Photo: Pinterest.

Antigua people use the East Caribbean dollar (1 ECD equals 8,600 dong). Tourists can also use dollars to spend on the island. Photo: TripSavvy.

One of the island's specialties is the world's sweetest black pineapple. When ripe, black pineapples still have green skin, so people want to choose good pineapples to check and rely on the fragrance. Good pineapples are usually grown on the southern Antigua island, especially the Old Road area. Photo: Food Drink Antigua & Barbuda.

Cricket is the national sport here, Antigua used to host many international tournaments. Although the population is only about 95,000, the island nation produces many cricket legends like Vivian Richards (pictured), Andy Roberts, Richie Richardson and Curtly Ambrose ... Many of them still live in Antigua - maybe Due to the government's personal tax exemption policy, My Antigua said. Photo: Anandabazar Patrika.

Another sport popular with the people of Antigua is the snail races held once a week. Photo: Noisy Planet.

Obama is the highest peak in the Shekerley Range of Antigua Island, with a height of 402 m. The original name of this peak is Boggy. On August 4, 2009, Prime Minister Antigua, Baldwin Spencer, changed its name to Obama to celebrate the 48th birthday of the former US president. Photo: Cool.

In 2016, the Antigua government issued a ban on the use of plastic bags, hoping to replace plastic with biodegradable materials. Photo: Along Dusty Road.

Carnival is the most jubilant annual festival of the Antigua, taking place from the end of July. Most activities will take place in St. John's, the capital and the largest city on the island nation. On the last day of the festival, visitors can join the vibrant J'Overt dance on the street from 4am. Photo: CaribVision.

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